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Lots of people are starting to choose an outdoor living room for their exquisite design. A fire feature is the essential element that anchors that outdoor room. There are two beautiful options for the central fire feature in your outdoor room: a fire pit or a outdoor fireplace. Both features provide a great visual focal point that lights up the outdoor space and provides warmth for the outdoor space. Both have factors that should be considered before choosing either one.

With an outdoor fireplace, additional permits or inspections may be required for installation. An outdoor fireplace will cost more to install then a fire pit. You also should consider that the fireplace structure is going to be somewhat large and may block views of other areas of your landscape. This structure might also be good for privacy or to block stronger winds, so its important to think about the layout of your outdoor space. Another factor is that with the fireplace being the main focal point, seating will be facing the fireplace which may limit your seating arrangement.

A Fire pit allows for more people to sit around the fire and is easier to incorporate built in seating. It is less expensive to install then an outdoor fireplace. A fire pit is going to be a smaller structure and won’t block as many views, but also wont block wind or create privacy. You may have to add a structure to block wind or create privacy. Embers blown by the wind can be a nuisance and smoke from the fire pit can also be a nuisance. There may be burning restrictions in your city to consider.

Either fire feature is a great addition to any outdoor space. Picking which one fits your design is a personal preference and Pavers Made Possible can walk you through choosing the best fit for you.

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